Monday, June 20, 2011

Back From Vacation And Revived!

There is nothing like being out in nature to slow you down, give you perspective, and ignite your dreams.

I just got back from a wonderful ten day vacation at our cabin in the northern Michigan woods.  Our cabin sits high on a wooded hill overlooking a serene fishing lake.

We don't have a television or a computer to distract us.  Our phones barely get service and there is definitely not an X-box or Play Station for our son to be sucked in to.

What we do have is conversation, silent thoughts, and laughter.  Of course there are also activities.  I love to read, with the sun on my face, and get lost in the words and adventures.  A ride around the lake, in our quiet motorized row boat, is pure beauty.  And, watching and listening to the many species of song birds puts a song in my heart.

Dirt bike riding, for my husband and son, is exhilarating.  As they rip through the trails, they are constantly aware of the nature around them.  Not only the hills and trees but also the wildlife.  They have come across lots of deer, turkey, and of course squirrels.

We have a new "pet" that we named Bandit:
This raccoon has been hanging about eating the bird seed off the ground and playing around on our porch.

Here is a bit of nature that was interesting to watch:

This snapping turtle made her way up from the lake, probably to lay some eggs.  It's funny to watch a turtle.  They are so slow and methodical.  It looked as though she was completely focused on her task as she kept plodding along looking for the right spot to bury her eggs.  There was no need (or ability) to move fast.  The job would get done eventually.  Persistence and patience seemed to be the key.  Eventually she found the perfect sandy place near our patio.  What a way to stick her neck out and get the job done!

After such a serene week, I am definitely feeling inspired to complete my daily tasks with gusto.  I have a new energy to create and am looking forward to doing some more home decor.  There are lots of mundane tasks to complete like laundry, bills and appointments to make.  But slow persistence will lead to tasks complete!

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