Friday, June 3, 2011

A Fun Weekend With Daughters

For those of you with grown up kids, you know how much fun it can be to spend time with them as friends.  Both of my daughters live on their own, one living in New York and the other just 25 minutes from home.  Obviously I get to see my oldest daughter a little more often than my middle daughter, but when I get to spend time with both of them at the same time it is wonderful.

This weekend my daughter from New York is home visiting and my oldest daughter took a day off from work.  We are going to spend today shopping, laughing, eating and a little more laughing!  I remember when both of them used to groan when my husband and I would stop at antique stores while on vacation.  Now, however, they are coming my way.  Both like to shop vintage and one likes thrift stores.

Since my middle daughter wants to steal my vintage buttons that I found on a previous trip, I think we will be looking for a stash of her own!  She likes to make button bracelets by sewing them to an elastic band.  I will try to post a picture when she finishes one.

Having the whole family together for an entire weekend is so special and our entire weekend is packed with plans.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will be posting again on Monday.


Katherines Corner said...

Have fun and make happy memories. Hugs and happy Friday

Renee said...

Thanks Katherine! We had a great time but as always the weekend went way too fast.