Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wine Glass Holder Made From A Rake

I am always looking for ideas for projects I can make with items that I find in thrift stores or have around the house. 

One item that you may not think of using inside your house is a garden rake.  I had seen an idea in a magazine for a wine glass holder using a rake.  The problem for me was that the short handle was welded to a metal plate for a holder that would sit on the counter.  I don't have a welder and am not sure I would want to use one.

I just ran across another idea by Country Living that simply has you hanging a hand rake upside down on a wall.  This I could do!  Once you mount the rake, you just simply slide the glasses in between the rake tines.

Since I don't have a lot of cabinet space up at our cabin, I'm thinking something like this would be perfect for storing my wine glasses.  I may need a couple of rakes!  Now I have one more item to add to my list while shopping yard sales and thrift stores.

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