Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My $15 Chair - Made Over

When I first bought this chair, a few years ago, it was not too pretty.  The color was kind of a flourescent green with a seat cover fabric that had to be from the seventies.  It was plenty bright and gardeny but much too loud.  I wish I had a picture of it but I had painted over it so fast, back then, that there wouldn't have been time to even think about getting a camera out.

Originally, I had just sanded the green paint off and painted over the chair with a solid black paint.  The look was fine but I was never totally happy with it.  It was too solid of a color for the age of the chair.  Plus, I hadn't done a very good job of sanding so it wasn't real smooth.  There had been a coat of white paint underneath the green and I think I had just gotten tired of sanding.

Now, I decided it was time to fix the chair and give it some distressing to highlight the imperfections. 

This first picture was taken after sanding.  I sanded deeper in some spots than in others so I could get a little of the white in areas and all the way down to the dark wood stain in others.  At first I thought I might be finished but after sleeping on it for a night I knew I needed to add one more step.   I didn't want the white, that showed through to be quite so bright so I painted over the sanded chair with a very light coat of black again. 

Here is the finished chair after painting:
This is a little more subtle which I like a lot better!


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This matches my new (re-loved) dining room set!

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