Friday, May 6, 2011

My Brass Mirror Makeover

Way back in the eighties when brass was in fashion, we received a great round brass mirror as a wedding gift.  This mirror has traveled from house to house with us, not always finding a place for display.

We have a large corner tub in our current master bath that was in need of something on the wall above it.  I figured that the mirror would be perfect accept that I really didn't like the brass. 

I had just made some curtains for the windows that had some fun copper and silver colors in them that I thought would be great in the mirror.  Since I didn't want one solid color, I decided to use a combination of metallic paints to complement what was in the curtain fabric.

I rubbed on a copper colored paint as well as a silver and then sanded the paint totally off in some places to let just a touch of the brass show through.  The resulting look blends nicely with the curtains I think.

Here is the full picture of the corner:

Now onto the next project!


Katherines Corner said...

Very pretty, well done! hugs

Patricia said...

Great Job!
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Shar said...

It looks really beauitful Renee! Great Job!
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XO Shar

Katherines Corner said...

Happy Mothers Day! Big Hugs!!

Sarah said...

This is beautiful - so well done and put-together! Happy Mother's day!