Friday, July 15, 2011

Office Makeover Begins - Painting Is Complete!

It took me a while to decide on a wall color but I wasn't in a hurry and that was a good thing.  My initial thought was to go with a soft blue and I was on the search for the right fabric to recover my sofa cushions until.....I was cleaning out some boxes in our bonus room. ?????

I may have mentioned before that my plan is to have a comfortable shabby chic style office.  Well, I pulled out a quilt that had been on my daughter's bed when she was home.  It had a Waverly flower pattern in deep rose on one side and rose checks on the other.  I had always loved that quilt!  And, I loved the colors.  This was now my inspiration for the office.

I decided to use it as somewhat of a slip cover for my sofa.  I used the checked side and simply draped it over the cushions and used upholstery tacks to hold it in place.  The flower throw pillows add a nice pattern and work well for a shabby chic style.

Now, I had to decide if I wanted to go with red, pink or neutral walls.  A dusty pink was out.  That would just be silly since I just painted my daughter's old dusty pink room brown for my son.  We could have easily made that my office and given him the room I am working on now! 

I considered a deep rose for a little while but I already have a red dining room and a deep burgundy family room plus I was afraid it would be a little to stimulating for a place I wanted to be comfy and relaxing.

I'm glad I finally decided on the more neutral "Garden Wall" which I picked up from the leaf color in the throw pillows:

This is just a little peak at the paint color.  I have a little more work to do around the trim where the paint bled through the tape----aargh!!!!!  As I was dozing off a little, watching the news last night, I heard an info-merical voice saying "just when you thought your paint job was over, you notice that paint bled through your tape----you should have used frog tape..."  How did he know???  And, why was he being so sarcastic?

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