Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gloomy Weather - Great Day For A Project!

As to be expected in Michigan, after the first few mild and sunny days they are sure to be followed with a reminder that the wintry weather is not yet over.  Today is cloudy and we have a winter weather advisory starting tonight for a mix of snow, sleet and rain.

Instead of getting down about the weather change, I'm trying to look at it as an opportunity to get some projects done.

I love this quote:

All seasons are beautiful for the person who carries happiness
                                                                                 - Horace Friess

So, today I will be getting caught up on some jobs I've been neglecting in the house.  One big job is to get my craft room reorganized.  I sure make a big mess when I'm working on a project.  I have a couple ideas for new projects but can't get started until I have a clean space to work in!

I also have one more area of my craft room that needs some rework.  Maybe I will get inspired today to get that in shape.  I have my storage containers figured out, I just need some sort of shelving.  The key is to come up with something fairly low cost.  I love revamping furniture but haven't found anything to fit the bill yet.  Who knows, maybe today I will have my "aha" moment!

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