Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Starting Craft Room Project On Lack Of Sleep!

Yesterday was one of those very unproductive days.  Things came up that I had to take care of so nothing got done in the craft room.  Today I am getting started but I'm a tad bit sleep deprived.

While waiting for our son to finish a class last night, my husband suggested going out for pie and coffee.  Excellent idea! I thought....I ordered decaf because I'm quite sensitive to caffeine.  Apparently more sensitive than I thought.  I woke up at midnight feeling jittery.  I finally got up around 1:30 and got caught up on reading blogs until about 3:30.  I'm never usually like this.  Normally I could sleep through the house falling down!

Anyway, I'm not so sure this is the best time for me to be making decorating decisions but it's started and there's no turning back now.

I needed storage shelving in my craft room and it occurred to me, in the middle of the night, that I might as well use a bookcase that was in our upstairs computer room.  This room had started out as a playroom and was transformed into more of a teen gaming/computer room.  At this point, I want to totally redecorate the room anyway.  I had started making it more of a whimsical reading room when my son wanted to take over one of my daughter's old bedrooms for his gaming room.  It needs a total redo to be what I really want so I might as well start tearing it apart.

Here is the bookcase I'm using:  (its the tall, heavier one)

Unfortunately, I had to carry the bookcase down two flights of stairs to get it into my craft room.  I skipped my jazzercise class this morning so I figured I could use the work out.  As I was struggling with it down the stairs, it occurred to me that I fell down the stairs a few years ago, for no particular reason, breaking my toe badly.  I felt like this was risky behavior. 

Well, I did make it and the bookcase is in place.  I even started to paint the inside.  Now, I am excited to get my craft room organized and lookin good.   Hopefully I don't fall asleep.

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