Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Highlight Of Some Of My Favorite Recycled Craft Tutorials

My favorite crafts to make are either with natural elements or recycled materials.  It is amazing to me how many different things you can actually make out of throw away materials.  I have found great uses for wine and coke bottles, six pack containers, old worn out sweaters, toilet paper tubes, bottle caps, dvd cases, wine corks, wood crates and even vintage hose nozzles.

It took me the longest to come up with a creative use for a dvd case, but this is one of my favorite tutorials:

  1. I used the case to make a fly box.  It works perfectly for storing flies for fishing.
  2. Some other things I have done are:
  3. Turn an old wood crate into a fun flower box.
  4. Transformed vintage hose nozzles into decorative photo holders.
  5. Used wine and coke bottles to make rustic birch vases.
  6. Made fun floating key chains out of wine corks.
  7. Turned six pack containers into great usable craft storage.
  8. Sewed a fun pillow using a worn out sweater.
  9. Made a rustic magnet board and magnets using bottle caps.
  10. And finally, transformed ugly toilet paper tubes into pretty napkin rings.
These are some of my favorites and you can click on the links to view the full tutorials and pictures.  If you have some of your own ideas, submit your link or comment under the appropriate recycled craft challenge.  Check out some of the great submissions other crafters have sent in too.  I will be continually adding more challenges so keep checking back.  If you have an idea for a challenge, let me know.  I love to get input :)


Shelley said...

Renee - so glad you came to visit my log cabin blog! Nice to meet a fellow Michigander. Your crafts are beautiful - my hubby would love that fly box you made out of that dvd case. I'm going to go check out your other web site. Please come visit me again! :-)

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