Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Son's Humor - Pranks & More Pranks

I had mentioned in my last post about the frustration I was having over decorating with my son.  What I failed to mention were all the little ways that he has tormented me all week!  He really started out as such a sweet boy too.  I think the fact that he is the youngest child and the only one left at home has something to do with the fact that he now needs to torment me.

When I was on the ladder painting, he would give it a little shake, knowing I'm afraid of heights.  He would occasionally say things like "oh shoot!" while he was painting to make me think he painted over something he shouldn't.  Or, "I hope that spot comes out of the carpet!"

While I was working in my craft room decoupaging newspaper to his poster frame backing, he kept turning the light out on me.  Did he want it to turn out messy?

Before leaving to do some shopping, I was fixing the back of my hair and noticed I had a big section of masking tape stuck to my back!  Driving to the store, I started feeling unusually cold.  I then noticed that he had turned my seat cooler on.  It was in the 50's outside!

All week he would quietly sneak up on me and then all of a sudden start talking real loud to scare me.  He stood in the way of the door when I was trying to come inside with my hands full.  I could go on and on but you get the idea.  I am definitely ready for Spring break to be over and I need a real vacation!

I'm going to color my hair tomorrow because it has become much more gray.

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