Thursday, April 14, 2011

Inspired By Birds - A Gallery Of Bird Crafts

I'm sitting here sipping my morning coffee and listening to the birds chirping a lovely song outside.  It puts a smile on my face, I think because with chirping birds comes the promise of Spring and warmer days.  Spring is definitely my most favorite time of the year and I like to create reminders of it for all year long.

I sat back to look at what I have created lately and was surprised by how many items I had incorporated birds into.  They are truly my biggest source of inspiration!

My latest project has this wonderful charm hanging from the chalk ledge!

I recreated a magazine page on a pillow, just highlighting the inspirational parts - Birds!

I almost forgot about the bird coasters!

He looks a little more like a chick!
This is one of my favorites!  In fact, I am in the process of making another one now :)

And, of course my journal!  What else would inspire my to use it?

Finally, I have made several bird houses.  I have many of them, like this one, displayed at our cabin. 

I am inspired by other things too but I will probably always throw in a bird craft now and then.


Kelly said...

Cute! I love birdhouses!

Renee said...

Thanks! I do too :)