Thursday, April 7, 2011

Still Waiting For Ebay Shipments!

My son and I are anxiously awaiting the shipments for all of the wonderful prints and vintage boxing gloves we ordered for his new gaming room.  The paint is on the walls and looks great but the walls are just screaming for some personality.

We did receive one print so we (or just me) are going out today to buy a frame for it - my son hates to shop.  The other prints have at least been shipped so....maybe today?   We haven't heard a word on the most anticipated item - the super cool boxing gloves!  I even have a vintage hook to put them on.

The smart thing to do while we are waiting would be to work on fixing those blinds - yuck!  It isn't something I am looking forward to digging into.  I love decorating not fixing.  I'm sure my husband would be happy to look at them but since he is uber busy, I will buck up to the job.  Plus, this whole room is my son's and my project for Spring break.  I could have him do it.............naw!

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