Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Break And Redecorating!

Spring break for my son has started today and we are not going to Florida or anywhere else nice and warm :(.  So, we are going to do the next best thing - REDECORATE!!

My son is actually excited for this because the first room we are doing is his new gaming room.  It is currently a dusty pink which for some reason he doesn't care for.  I hate to see it go.  In it's time it was a gorgeous room.  It was my middle daughter's and it was very feminine and floral.

Since she has moved to New York, it has been stripped of everything feminine and boy stuff has been seeping in.  However, the walls remain PINKISH.  It is definitely time to make the change, plus I want the previous gaming room for my office so I have some selfish reasons for starting this project.

I debated taking a before picture but decided I would.  I picked up the junk and vacuumed first :) - my son actually wanted to make sure I didn't state his name when he found out I was taking a picture!  I was touched that he cared.  This is going to be what I threaten from now on - "Clean your room or I am going to post it to the world wide web!"  I love it.

So anyway, here is a little before shot:
Notice the irregular lengths to the blinds - they are broken!  I have no idea how these things happen.  My son claims it had to have been my daughter.  Of course they were fine when she left.  I'll have to figure out how to fix these or come up with another window treatment -arghh!!!

We plan on painting the room a warm brown.  My son is in to boxing so that will be our theme.  I already ordered some vintage boxing gloves and prints off of ebay.  I plan on using a splash of red for the accent colors and I'm sure we will add a few rustic touches.  Stay tuned for the progress!


Katherines Corner said...

looking forward to your after post. Hugs and happy Friday my friend.xo P.S. have you made it over to my new location yet?

Renee said...

I was just there Katherine and I joined your new location :).

Kelsey Hanlon said...

Can't wait to see how it turns out! Though, I'm going to miss the pink :(

Renee said...

Kelsey, you and me both! The red splashs are just going to have to do...