Monday, April 4, 2011

Room Redecorating - Part One

I posted the before picture of my son's gaming room, last week.  Since it was previously my daughter's bedroom it was a nice dusty pink - not too cool for a teenage boy.  The first task we had to complete was too change that wall color.

We did exactly that this past weekend.  The color we chose was a very masculine Sequoia by Martha Stewart.  Both of us love the warm brown.

A small pull out sofa that we wanted to keep in there was covered with a black material.  I had previously re-upholstered it to fit the decor in another daughter's bedroom.  The original, quite vintage, sofa was a brown stripe.  It will go perfectly in the room now. 

I painstakingly took apart all the work I had done before to cover the sofa.  I must have used about a hundred upholstery nails in that thing.  I think the sofa is from the late 70's or early 80's so it is quite old - it used to be my husband's as a teenager.  However, since we are going to have some vintage boxing gloves and photos in there too it should all be good.  I just need to make some new pillows for the back rest.

Here is the first photo to just show the wall color and the sofa without any pillows yet:


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