Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How I Decorate With My Own Pictures - New York, New York

When I choose to hang something on the wall, I like it to be something meaningful if I can.  Pictures from a favorite vacation spot are a great example.

For being the country mice that my husband and I are, we definitely enjoy visiting the Big Apple.  The first time we were there, my husband went crazy taking pictures of all the scenery.  Now that our middle daughter lives there, these pictures are all the more meaningful.

Although our cabin is very rustic, our home is much more metropolitan in style so New York pictures fit right in.  I was initially inspired by a picture that I had purchased of Central Park which sits on our mantel:

So with the pictures that my husband had taken on our first vacation, I did a little work using Adobe Photoshop.  I simply printed the images in a sepia finish to give it the same look as the purchased picture.  I then purchased frames and mattes in the same colors as my inspiration picture.

Now we have a whole set of some of our favorite spots!  I can look at them now and picture what my daughter is seeing every day.


Cassie said...

New York is my FAVORITE place in the world! I go any time I can. I love that you have those pictures in your home. And I'm a little jealous of your middle child!! I lived there a few years ago and it was the most fun hands down!

Renee said...

I'm glad you had a chance to live there Cassie. It is an exciting place. I'm just glad we have an excuse to go visit there often now :)