Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Words Of Encouragement

Lately, it seems like I have been running into so many people in need of encouragement for a tough situation that they are going through.  Even reading through blogs this week, I came across several heart breaking stories that left me feeling helpless.  I even had a prayer request come through on Twitter.  I didn't know the person or what the issue was, but I could pray.

So many people and so many problems.  I know there are times when I get feeling down just from the daily grind.  I can't imagine having some serious issues to deal with.  We never know what strangers are dealing with when we pass them on the street or in the grocery store.  Maybe there is a reason some of them where a sour look on their face or even act harshly to us in some cases.  Instead of reacting in a negative way, what if we reacted in kindness?  Imagine the affect.  A smile or a kind word can go a long way.

We have a big white board in the hallway right by our back entry door.  I like to write down encouraging quotes or Bible verses there to help with whatever we may face during the day.  Here is today's quote:
Sometimes we have to go through a lot of heat and yucky stuff that eventually forms us into a stronger person.  It's hard to see at the time of the trial but we have to trust that we won't receive more than we can bear and it will work out for good.


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